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Operating temperature

What would the maximum safe water temperature for using the BR2 be ?
I have a possible job in a cooling pond, but I am worried about the temperature.

Hi @Moggy,

We have 0-40°C listed as the water operating range in the Technical Details on the product page.

As the water temperature gets warmer, the electronics enclosure will start to heat up as well. In moderate temperature water, the internal temperature is usually around 60-70°C. If the internal temperature gets above 80°C, the Raspberry Pi will begin throttling itself to protect from overheating. This will lead to performance issues, most noticeably in video.

Thanks Kevin

For anyone looking at this in the future from a low temperature perspective, we utilised our BlueROV2 in Northern Swalbard at water temps of near zero (under sea ice). We had no issues, although we did pack the bottle with desiccant to avoid the enhanced risk of condensation.

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Thank you Matthew