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I Just want to know operating conditions

(BongSub,Song) #1

I am wring a paper about my development with ROV2
and It is more presure if i have some operating conditions
like max, min temperature, Conductivity of water and something like p.H.

but I cant find these data on data sheet.

could anybody know about this?

thank you.

(Kevin) #2

Hi @VanguardReturn, you’re right, we do not have those values in our documentation, because they are undetermined, but our customers have done quite a bit of field testing. We don’t recommend testing these limits unless you are comfortable destroying a BlueROV2. This is obviously outside the warranty so components will not be replaced.

  1. Max Temperature: Undetermined. We managed to get the Raspberry Pi 3 to shutdown around 70C, so that’s probably the limit.
  2. Min Temperature: Undetermined. We’ve had customers operate under ice in the Arctic, so somewhere below freezing.
  3. Conductivity of Water: Undetermined. We’ve operated in the Salton Sea before so that is probably the saltiest a BlueROV2 has been.
  4. pH Range: Undetermined. Unless someone comes forward, I only know of our customers operating in freshwater or saltwater. Please don’t put your ROV in acid.