Obstacle Avoidance using ping2 sonar altimeter and echosounder

Hello community,
we are trying to implement object avoidance system for ping2 sonar altimeter and echosounder in underwater which communicates through the BLUART USB to Serial and RS485, we are trying to create an algorithm which detects object and communicate through the interface and based on the objects in the surroundings it must take a decision to change its direction. Is there any way to impelement the algorithm, we are using raspberry pi 3 for interferance.
can anyone please help us out

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Hi @sharath04,

This thread may be worth a read - it’s about the obstacle avoidance functionality built into the ArduPilot autopilot codebase.

Beyond that, our Ping Sonar has multiple software library interfaces available (see the Technical Details), so it’s possible to directly query the sensor with your own code. If you’re also using code to control the vehicle (e.g. controlling it via a script that outputs MAVLink commands) then if the sonar provides a distance estimate your script considers to be “too close” it could then change the movement commands it’s sending to the vehicle.