Numerous Problems - need help

Hello all, yesterday we were diving in roughly 20 feet fresh water. We were doing inspections totaling an hour and 5 minutes. The battery was getting low (44%), so I wanted to change out the battery prior to continuing dives. After the battery swap and vacuum test, we attempted to dive, but lost camera signal, however all other telemetry is active on QGC. We pulled the battery and performed a hard restart and all came back, including the camera. After vacuum test, just before splashing the BR2, lost camera again. So I called it a day. Spent many hours today trying to troubleshoot, but to no avail. On the bench, I can live stream for up to 50 minutes, other times the camera will go away immediately or within 15 minutes, still all telemetry is there. Finally I thought I might have found the solution with a loose thruster cable, which I tightened back up. Things were looking good, so I put it in the pool to test. Roughly 25 minutes all was working, then the camera went away (still with all telemetry and PING 360). And now the biggest head scratcher is the #5 thruster (heavy configuration) just went to full power. Nothing I did could get it to stop. I got it out of the water and as quickly as possible, I got to the battery to disconnect it. After that, bench testing kept telling me thruster #5 wouldn’t work. I replaced it with a new thruster. I also replaced the camera and wires with all new. #5 now works, but thruster #6 won’t work on the configuration page. But if I rotate the camera up or down, #6 thruster will begin to rotate??? Plus when I start up QGC and plug in a fresh battery, it still comes up with a warning referencing thruster #5 and the normal chimes when starting up, but with an extra chime from #6. I am so confused. Has my BR2 lost it’s mind? I have a full replacement acrylic tube and all new guts, except for the ESCs, do I need to do a full swap over to the replacement? Has anyone experienced such things? Any insight is greatly appreciated!

This was happening to me, do a speed test on the link, my sliprings were twisted up due to the bolts falling out because the Loctite never held, so try using a short network cable bypassing the tether interface etc, as QGC gets confused on load up if you dont have a good connection.