Non Micro controller depth sensor

I built my ROV about 6 yrs ago it runs off of a rc radio and a receiver in the Hull of the ROV.

I have finally come across an OSD that has a magnetometer in it so I now have internal compass but I still would like to come up with a way to have a depth reading.

I don’t have an on board computer of any type (except I guess the new OSD Chip) nor do I have any knowledge of how to use them, I wouldn’t even know where to begin

I was hoping maybe some one here had tackled this before, everything was run on Arduino or what ever it is the Blue Rov runs on.

Sorry its kind of vague but I really am old school


What OSD are you using, and how are you getting a video feed to the surface?

Do you want a depth reading to display on the osd? If so, you will probably have to modify the OSD software.

Besides strapping an analog depth gauge or dive computer to the vehicle in view of the camera or something like that, I don’t think there is a way for you to get your depth without having a microcontroller to read a sensor.