No Video Device Detected

We’ve recently purchased a BlueROV2 and have been having a heck of a time with the camera. It just will not connect. Its not PC related - the companion web page shows the camera not detected. Any suggestions? We’ve unplugged/replugged the camera multiple times. On random occasions it will connect but I’ve been at it here for over an hour again and can’t get it to detect.

Detected Devices

Video Devices: None!
Audio Devices: None!
Serial Devices:
  • Pixhawk1

Probably should have mentioned the companion software is on 0.0.31 and the ArduSub version is showing as 4.1.0.

Hi @dpittman, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’m curious whether switching to BlueOS would help, although given it seems to be a hardware problem the following is likely relevant:

@EliotBR It could be a software issue, but I’m leaning towards it being hardware. We’re using all the stock equipment. The camera was detected once yesterday, but then it disappeared and I haven’t been able to get it back at all.

Does the camera work if you plug it directly into your topside computer?

I’ve tried plugging it in directly to a pc. Its not detected there either. Checked the wiring from pin to pin and that looks fine. Checked the voltage on the camera and that looks good.

It must be the camera itself.

Ok then - I’d recommend you contact, link them to this post, and if possible provide your order number / date. They should be able to sort out a replacement/refund as relevant :slight_smile: