No telemetry, please help!

Hi, I have followed the troubleshooting guide in Ardusub but still have no telemetry. With the laptop connected directly to the pi, it will ping and when checking the mavproxy I get the following:

Failed to load module. No module named terrain. Use set ‘moddebug 3’ in the mavproxy console to enable trace back.

After a short pause - waiting for heatbeat then;

fence breach
code as per the troubleshooting guide, and the final line states;
Flight battery warning.

From a hardware standpoint, when the fathom x is connected to the pi, there are no lights showing on the pi ethernet jack and only a green on the fathom x. When connected directly to the laptop the pi lights on the ethernet jack are fine.

Clearly I am new to this and any help would be much appreciated.

Update; I have just swapped over the fathom x boards and I can only get a green light (no amber) for the ethernet jack on one board. The other (now connected to the pi) has both green and amber lights on the ethernet jacks.
Could I have a fathom x board problem?

If you can ping the pi it sounds like a firewall/antivirus is preventing incoming connection or the qgc app is not allowed the correct network permissions.

You should try to get it working with just a direct Ethernet cable connection between the pi and computer before trying to find out if something is wrong with the fathom x.

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for the quick reply, yes I have done that and with a cat 5 cable direct into the pi it all appears to work, apart from the video of course.

Do you have a camera? It sounds like one of the fathom x units is broken. Please email for a replacement.

Thanks Jacob, will do.