No companion update button available

Hi Guys,

Button was missing after updating Pixhawk. Rebooted a couple of times with no difference. Unplugged battery for 5 mins and button showed up.

Wifi setup seems a bit buggy after updating as it is connected, bt does not discover any networks.


Viewing this thread in 2022. Still having a similar problem - software set up instructions indicate that the current companion software version is 0.0.31 (as @ 3 Dec 2021: However I’m getting no button on the system check page to update from the 0.0.17 that’s on there at the moment. Further, none of the various links to zip files for sideloading onto the Raspberry Pi seem to work. Can anyone point me to either a) a fix on the system page or b) a link to a file that I can sideload in? Cheers

Hi @bjcresswell,

I believe 0.0.17 is old enough that the update process is broken (if I remember correctly there was a service we were using that stopped working), so you’ll need to follow the Installing Companion instructions from our docs, to download the latest image and flash it onto the Raspberry Pi’s SD card.

You might also be interested in checking out our Companion 1.0 Beta, which is the replacement software we’ll be building on going forwards :slight_smile:

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