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Companion update of 0.0.21 not available for 0.0.20

Hi @williangalvani,

I have downloaded “Latest-Ardusub Raspbian Image” from Downloads section. Could you please check if the link provides v.0.0.21. Because I have checked that the size is exactly as in v.0.0.20 and Etcher says it is v.0.0.20.

Best Regards.

Hi @FerdiCakmak,

We haven’t uploaded a full 0.0.21 image yet. The only way to get it right now is updating it online.

Hi @williangalvani,

I have RasPi connected to internet, with Companion Computer v0.0.20. I cannot see “Update Companion” button, but “Download Update: No Updates Available”.

I have also downloaded “Companion v0.0.21” files (from https://github.com/bluerobotics/companion). Is it ok if I manually replace all the files?

Best Regards.

Hi @williangalvani,

I have managed to install Companion v.0.0.21 through git page of WebUI.

Displaying Ping1D on QGC works fine. Great work, thank you for that.

Although, I can not find RangeFinder (Ping1D) values in DataFlash Logs.

Could you please tell me the parameter name for RangeFinder data in DataFlash Logs? Or are there not logged at all?

Best Regards.

I too do not have an Update Companion option.

Presently running 0.0.20

Any word on the Image file?

Hi @k-deboer,

Try this:

  1. Open the web terminal
  2. Click in open terminal
  3. Run the following command: cd companion && find "$(git rev-parse --show-toplevel)/.git" -name "*\.lock" -exec rm -f {} \;
  4. Restar your companion computer

That did it!
Now at 0.0.21.
Thanks Patrick

I have tried through terminal, but only get a message " no such file or directory"
Any thoughts?

Hi @Teggles,

Can you post the your terminal content or a screen shot of the terminal with your inputs and the outputs ?

That’s so annoying! I must have tried a dozen times this afternoon. I tried again for a screenshot and it worked! Slowly downloading now - I live in the U.K. nothing happens quickly!

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Companion updated to 0.0.21. Thanks for the offer of help. :grin: