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New USB camera picture is upside down

(Jan Robert Fiksdal) #1

Hi guys, I have mounted a new very light sensitive camera inside the BlueROV2. Image is very good but the picture is upside down. I cannot turn it around because of the short cable. How do I flip the picture around in the software?
Jan R

(Rusty) #2

Hi Jan,

Is this our low light camera or something else? Can you turn the front mount plate 180 degrees?


(Jan Robert Fiksdal) #3

Hi Rusty, the camera is Kurokesu C1.
The cable is too short.
Maybe I can extend the cable instead.
Thanks anyway.
Jan R

(Patrick José Pereira) #4


You can access the camera settings under,
take a look in “Horizontal Flip” and “Vertical Flip”.

(Jan Robert Fiksdal) #5

I don’t have (never had) horizontal or vertical flip in my camera settings. How do I get that?
Jan R

(Jacob) #6

Your camera does not have the capability to rotate in software. You may adjust the gstreamer pipeline with the videoflip element.

(Jan Robert Fiksdal) #7

Okay, I will try that.
Thanks for all your help.
Jan R

(Jan Robert Fiksdal) #8

Hi, I replaced the camera with the Bluerobotics original low light camera. I do not have options to flip the image with this camera either. How do I gain that option?
Jan R

(Jan Robert Fiksdal) #9

Hi, how do I get option to flip the camera view when I am using the Bluerobotics HD low light camera?
Jan Robert

(Jan Robert Fiksdal) #10

Hi, how can I access these settings. I don’t have option to horizontal or vertical flip. I am the using original Bluerobotics hd USB camera.
Jan Robert

(Patrick José Pereira) #11

Hi Jan,

The Low-Light HD USB Camera does not have this option, my screenshot was created with the Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2 w/ Wide Angle Lens.

You can check the gstreamer element videoflip, but to accomplish that, you’ll need to do the decode and encode of the H264 video. You’ll probably take some time, and if accomplished, you’ll see a really poor video performance.

The best fix for this case, is to mechanically correct the camera orientation.

(Jacob) #12

I do not have options to flip the image with this camera either. How do I gain that option?

FYI the options shown on this camera page are stored inside of the camera itself.

(Jan Robert Fiksdal) #13

Thanks for the information, now it is much more clear.
Jan Robert