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New Simple TMS System

Hey guys,

Here is my new TMS system which is made from a 75 litre Husky storage bin.
All of the black 1/2" HDPE components were machine by me utilizing a drill press and a router table.
It will hold an easy 150-200 meters of tether, hand cranked and a place to mount the ROV.
The ROV actually bolts to the lid to prevent it from slipping.
Super simple way of keeping your tether under control.

Also a nice shot of my ROV and custom made controller.


Nice setup, and nice work on the routing - looks super clean! :smiley:

Anti-slip mounting is a cool idea. Any particular reason for bolts over something like clasps? I imagine bolts could be a bit frustrating to screw/unscrew, but are also likely cheaper and easier to install.

Cheers Eliot,

On the ROV mount side I used heat & press 5m brass inserts to make screwing, unscrewing less of a chore. On the ROV side, the 5m stainless button head allen screws act more like locator pins. They don’t physically thread into the ROV, just locate precisely position holes. 5m stainless thumbscrews would simplify things but for now the hardware used matches the hardware on the ROV, standardization. I personally like to keep ideas as simple as possible, less moving parts to obtain the same outcome(KIS). That being said, stainless clasps would be cool too… Cheers

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