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NEW Rasbberry Pi cam module

Any one planning on putting this on their BluROV?


Having a higher-resolution sensor is nice, although it looks like the module itself is $50, with the lenses costing extra. Plus the lenses are manually operated.

I prefer a D1-resolution camcorder with 78x optical zoom, which more than makes up for the lack of megapixels, especially underwater. Available used on eBay for $50, usually. Search on eBay for ‘Panasonic SDR-T55’, or T70.

Hello, is the Fathom Tether’s bandwidth okay with this camera?

Hi @steneo23,

Please check my comment in your other post:

Hello Patrick,

So as i have a BlueROV2 with Raspberry Pi 3 and i want to use the new Pi Camera for making a slam or a visual odometry as an example. What is the thing to do to bypass or solve the issues?

Hi @steneo23,

Without decreasing the video resolution, the only way that I can imagine is tu use a Raspberry Pi 4 or anything that can handle the bandwidth necessary for the video stream.
We don’t officially support boards that are not the Pi 3B, but we are working on it.

Thank you @patrickelectric :slight_smile:
We are using the Pi 3B and we will come up if we find any solutions.