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Ocean Secrets ROV proyect

Hi everyone. I present the new ROV developed by Ocean Secrets ( http://oceansecrets.es ), based on the components of http://ww.bluerobotics.com and the invaluable help of this forum.


-Heavy frame eight thrusters
-IP 4k varifocal camera system with focus and zoom control on the joystcik
-New configuration of thrusters, leaving all the lower space of the ROV free, with space for three 4" watertight enclosure.
-Fast on-off ignition system, with 80A relay system, in 3" watertight enclosure with space for 18000mah batteries from bluerobotics
-9000 mah batteries (developed for our usual use of short dives)
-More paid load thanks to buaynacy foam of polyurethane (density 250kgr / m3), CNC machined and coated with epoxy resin and two-component polyurethane paint.
-Stern protection to avoid snagging in ROV recovery.

Photos ROV:

Photos fast on-off ignition system and 9000mah batteries:

Links to videos of test IP 4k varifocal camera system with focus and zoom control on the joystcik (download the videos to see in optimum quality):

Soon I will upload some underwater video, I haven’t had time to edit any videos yet, but the cualtity it´s excelent!!

Photos mount camera system and electronic config:

Link to video solidworks ROV proyect:

I hope you like the project!!



Very slick, love the foam fairing


Beautiful design!
What are the overall dimentions?
Makes me want to get a CNC router.

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Looking very nice. Congrats

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Hi Nathan Perry,

Thanks for your opinion! The overall dimensions are 537 x 294 x 394 mm (length x height x width).


Great looking ROV, love the foam and neat tether arrangement.
Did you strip down a 4k security IP camera or purchase it in stripped down form - looks exactly what I’ve been planning to do - do you mind telling me what camera you used?


Superb !!

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Hi mathew

Thanks for the comment!! I use a 4k IP module, you can find different models on aliexpress, 12 mp, 8 mp, 5 mp and different motorized lenses. My model is 8 mp but it depends on the use you are going to give it and your needs, so I recommend that you choose the one you like best on aliexpress. All have an economic price and give good results.


Thanks for the information, yes the AliExpress ones look interesting. Time for some experiments.

Awesome build!

Have you got some seatrials?
I am courious If the water squash from having the thrusters mounted on same level as the camera.


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Hi Mikkel,

I’ve already been able to do some tests with the ROV, and it has very good underwater control with the propellers on the same axis as the camera. The propeller movement does not affect the image and I think the image quality is quite good.

Attached video of the first dive, it is important to download the video to see it in full quality. The image is a little greenish because there was a strong phytoplankton bloom. But you can appreciate the quality equally.



The video is very clear! What camera do you use?