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New Product: The Water Linked Underwater GPS System!

(Rusty) #41

Hi @subcmarine, the Underwater GPS system requires a copper twisted pair to send signals to the analog locator. There’s no way to do it through a fiber optic cable at the moment, unfortunately.


(Bo Koppel) #42

How about integrate it on BlueROV2 with advanced electronics.

Is it possible to hook up to same pair as ROV via new WebUI interface and Endpoints?
Power from ROV, Com through Pi?
Or does it still need it own pair?


(Johannes Haukelidsæter) #43

Hi @Boko,

The Locator-A1 still need its own pair. Right now we don’t have a solution for transmitting the “ping” over fathom-x.


(quentin vassard) #44

Hello, what is the difference between the Underwater GPS Developer Kit and the Underwater GPS Developer Bundle ? (because the difference of price is huge )
thank you

(Adam) #45

Hi Quentin,

I’m not sure what you’re seeing on the website, but there is a minor difference in price between the two products of about $50 depending on the options selected. The bundle does not include the case and connectors for the topside master electronics, and is meant for users looking to retrofit it to an existing system and enclosure. The developer kit is a more complete package with case and connectors meant for standalone use and with vehicles like the BlueROV2.


(Svein H.) #46

During spring 2018 water linked will offer a battery powered Locator-U1. will this show up in QGC the same way as A-1 without using the subsea integration kit?

(Rusty) #47

Hi Svein,

Yes, the wireless locator will work just like the wired version!


(Mike Tall) #48

Hi there, I just wanted to follow up on this post.

Currently my BlueRov2 is untethered.

Will the underwater GPS system work in an untethered configuration or does it need to have the tether to send the data down to the Pi / Mavlink?

(Jacob) #49

A tether is required right now. I’ve inquired with the Water Linked folks including @johannes about any future possibilities.

(Mike Tall) #50

Great, thanks! Let me know. I will buy if I can have it function that way.

(Jacob) #51

Water Linked has plans for a wireless modem, which would allow you to communicate the position to the auv from the surface. Right now, the only way for the auv to have it’s own position is with a tether, or to put the receivers on the vehicle, which will need to be a certain size to get a proper baseline.

(Dan Zimmerman) #52

Is it right that that when the S1 or the U1 battery-powered locators become available, then the system will work with the Fathom-X and slim tether? The tether requirement is simply a data link to communicate the position computed at the surface back down to the vehicle?

Does that happen over MAVLink?

(Rusty) #53

Hi Dan,

Yes, once those locators are available it should be possible to use the system without using a twisted pair from the cable.

The U1 and S1 use highly accurate clocks to stay synchronized for several hours at a time, which is plenty for use on the ROV. There’s no communication related to the system in Mavlink.



@Torgeir Once the master is sinked to 300m ,how will it get GPS signal?

(Torgeir Trøite) #55

Hi, it will loose the GPS signal as soon as it comes below surface, but the system will stay in lock for hours without a GPS signal.

(Marcus) #56

Has anyone tried to lower the master/baseline to a deeper depth to increase working depth?

(Luis Gamez) #57

Hey marcus it actually works! as per instructions from Waterlinked engineers you can lower to a deeper depth the master transducer for example to 50 meters to reach 150 meters depth but you need to add some weights to the transducer.

(Marcus) #58

Thanks Luis! Do you have any pictures of the setup you used to do this?

(Luis Gamez) #59

Hi Marcus,

We actually didn´t do it. We gave this option to one of our clients but as per Waterlinked instructions it works.


does anyone have experience using the GPS system in strong sea current (2 Knots)? Does the system perform fine in current?