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New Guide: Ping Echosounder User Manual

Greetings enthusiasts!

Ever since we launched the Ping Sonar Altimeter and Echosounder in January 2019, we have been receiving very good feedback from users that has helped us refine Ping-Viewer and the Ping firmware.

Here is a quick video from one of our distributors, Marine Distribution & Consulting, using it as an altimeter on a BlueROV2:

Support has also been added to ArduRover so you can use it as an echosounder on autonomous boats!: ArduRover - Sonars - Ping Underwater Sonar instructions

Based on the feedback and scenarios from various users, the Blue Robotics software team has written a user manual for the Ping that goes into further depth about how the operates, behaves and other various instructions. Ping Echosounder Sonar User Manual

The manual can be found on the “Learn” tab of the product page.

As always, let us know if you need further clarification and we can work on improving our documentation as we go.

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