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New Battery Connector

(k.deboer) #1

I just unpacked the new BlueRobotics battery pack, and it has a third connector. A two-pin connector with blue wires. I couldn’t find any reference to this connector in Docs. Curious.

(Adam) #2

Hi @k-deboer,

This is a new revision of our battery that we are soft launching, there will be an announcement in a blog post soon along with an update to the documentation. We had to send out a few units earlier than expected before the official announcement due to some stock issues.

The updated battery is identical to the original in almost all aspects, there only two minor changes.

First, the original tin plated pins on the balance connector have been upgraded to gold plating for better corrosion resistance. This means a stray drop or two of saltwater on the pins won’t corrode them and affect their functionality.

Second, we have now now added a built in thermistor for temperature monitoring- this is the additional two pin JST-XH connector you noticed. The thermistor is NTC type, with a value of β = 3435K. By measuring resistance here, you can now monitor the internal temperature of the battery.


(k.deboer) #3

Very cool. Thanks!