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BlueROV Battery to ROV

We’re struggling to connect the Battery (BATTERY-LI-4S-18A-R3-RP) to the BlueROV2. There is no male XT90 connector meant for connection between the BlueROV2 Battery enclosure wiring and the battery. Please see the picture attached.

We would appreciate any advice on connecting the battery to the ROV.

Thank you!

You need a cable with male XT90 on one side and female bullet connectors on the other. If you don’t have it, you will have to solder it yourself or purchase it from BlueRobotics if they sell it separately.

Hi Akaash,

Welcome to the forum. The battery lead can be modified to suit how you would like the battery to be connected.

You can remove the battery enclosure ‘banana’ connectors and solder an XT90 on, or modify the connector supplied and place female banana plugs on to create a short lead connection.

Most go for an XT90 on the battery enclosure lead. Most hobby shops have these available. We do sell these if you struggle to find one.

Let us know how you got on.

Hi @akaashr,

There should be a female 3.5 mm bullet to male XT90 adapter included with the BlueROV2. If this was missing in your kit, apologies for the inconvenience! Please contact our team at support@bluerobotics.com if this is the case.


Hi all.

Thanks very much for your replies! I must apologize, I found the cable. It was in the kit, but my dad misplaced it! Found it this morning and have completed the build! We have tested the system - everything looks good and we will be doing our first pool test this weekend. Once again, thanks very much for the responses and support.

  • Akaash

Send through some pictures of the test dive.

All the best

Kind regards

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