Network configuration [Pixhawk -> mini-pc -> surface computer]


I am trying to develop and AUV using the ArduSub firmware on a Pixhawk. In the early stages at the moment we are trying to have the vehicle tethered for easy testing and debugging.

I know that using a Pixhawk with ArduSub firmware and a RaspberryPi with ArduSub-raspian image I can easily connect to the reapberrypi from a laptop using an ethernet and detect the pixhawk in the QGroundstation

But instead of the rasperrypi I want to use a mini-pc connected to the surface computer via ethernet and establish the connection with SSH.

I have done that with the SITL simulator but I couldn’t detect the simulated Pixhawk from the surface computer running QGroundControl, the following figure can explain the situation much better


In the SITL console:
output add udpout:<laptop ip address>:14550

Enter help or output help for more info.

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