Navigator Board with Ubuntu / ROS


We are investigating setting up a Surface Vessel with the navigator and RPI. Most of our systems use ROS so we would prefer to run ubuntu on the RPI with ROS, and utilise the navigator flight controller for sensor input and thruster output. This system would not use BlueOS. I know this would require plenty of work to enable all the functionality provided by the Navigator, however for a basic setup with SBUS for RC input, and PWM thruster output would this be possible or is raspbian required.

We would be able to set up an RPI with an arduino for thruster output however the navigator would be a clean and expandable solution for our problem.

Any ideas or feedback would be appreciated! Thanks in advance

Hi @mgalea,

You can use Navigator with latest ArduSub 4.1.0 and mavros as a bridge between MAVLink and ROS.