Mavros communication with new navigator flight controller


I am trying to configure an image running MAVROS in the Raspberry Pi 4 (Ubuntu 20.04 / ros-noetic) to work with the new Bluerobotics Navigator Flight Controller but when I try to initialize MAVROS I am not receiving messages nor a heartbeat from the Navigator Controller. I am running the following one liner:

roslaunch mavros apm.launch gcs_url:=udp://@ fcu_url:=serial///dev/ttyAMA0?ids=255,1

This has worked before in our previous BlueROVs with a Pixhawk and RPi3 (Ubuntu 18/ros melodic). The only thing I am changing so far is the serial device because the Navigator Controller is not connected the same way as the Pixhawk.

What else should I change or look for?

@Alex_UJI1 Were you able to figure this out? I’ve made a similar attempt with ROS 2, but am experiencing the same issues that you have mentioned.


Navigator does not work as a normal serial flight controller.
Different from a pixhawk, navigator runs on linux and ardupilot runs on the raspberry itself, not in a microcontroller. So, the connection should be done via tcp or udp.

To help with that, install BlueOS and run your ROS application in a docker container that communicates with BlueOS though network with the available mavlink ports.

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