RPi 5 and Navigator Library OS


I couldn’t find a concise answer for this, but does the navigator library for C++ and Python work with any OS or does it have to be from BlueOS?

For context, we are planning on using a Pi5 with Ubuntu 22.04 and ROS 2 to control and communicate with the navigator and the BlueRobotics BlueBoat.

Hi @adi_pen -
While it is possible to install the Navigator library on other OS’s, the Pi 5 is not yet supported. The BlueBoat comes with a Pi4 connected to the Navigator, and you may be able to realize control via ROS simply with the ROS extension for BlueOS! The Pi4 runs BlueOS, with a specific container dedicated to the autopilot, ArduRover in this case, which is communicating with the various sensors and PWM outputs on the Navigator hat.
Pi5 support is planned, but will be in development until likely around the end of 2024.
You could run your Pi5 as a companion computer installed in the BlueBoat, and communicate with the system as necessary. Depending no your application, maybe even developing a BlueOS extension to manage some aspect of that connection makes sense?

Hi @tony-white ! Thanks for the information. We’ll look into the extension as well!

To confirm, if we put the navigator on a Pi4 with any OS in theory it may be possible to communicate with the navigator?

Yes! You’ll need to develop drivers to communicate with the relevant hardware, and software to use it - you can find part numbers on the schematic. This is definitely a lot more work, and you may come across pitfalls related to the new Pi 5 hardware and existing software libraries…best of luck!