Navigator BlueOS using SSD instead of SD card

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We are going to use BlueOS on navigator but I have some suspicions on using SD card since the micro SD cards are very vulnerable to corruption ( due to the temperature and other factors). Interrupting the operations due to the malfunction of microSD card is the last thing I want.

I have two questions.

  1. Are there anyone facing some problems with using microSD card on Navigator with BlueOS?
  2. What do you think about using SSD on Navigator with BlueOS?

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Hi @elchinaslanli, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Poor quality SD cards can be quite variable, but good ones rarely fail, especially if taken care of. It’s helpful to ensure that you have a stable power supply, and where possible shut down via the web interface before powering down the vehicle.

As I understand it corruption generally occurs due to interference (e.g. rapid power loss or large voltage spikes) while the SD card is being written to. With a stable and well-regulated power supply that generally shouldn’t occur during operation, and would be most likely when the vehicle is already/still out of the water (i.e. it fails to turn on properly, rather than crashing during a dive), which is at least possible to prepare for somewhat by having a spare SD card available.

I’m yet to hear of any, and Raspberry Pis nowadays have far fewer issues with SD card corruption than they used to, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible (just like it’s possible for any memory device or even electronics in general to fail).

  • it expect it should work
  • it would potentially get you more memory capacity than an SD card
  • it may be less likely to fail than an SD card (depending on quality and operating conditions)
  • it would take up a USB port
  • it would use a bit more power than an SD card
  • it would take some space, and add a bit of mass (the importance of which depends on your vehicle)
  • there may be issues with overheating, especially in an acrylic enclosure
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@EliotBR thanks very much for your answers, we will think about it.

And I will inform this thread about the results.

Have a nice day

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