Assembly guide details

Just got a call from a person who has built a bluerov. He was not able to connect to the rov. After a little back and forth I asked if the micro-SD card was properly installed. Turns out that he did not have a card in place at all. The ROV is made from parts from here and there and not as a kit from BR. I quickly checked the assembly guides but cannot find mention anywhere to install or check the micro-SD card in the RPi. A small detail for those who knows but a showstopper in this case. Would it be an idea to include some more basic in the guide?

Hi @SDI, thanks for bringing this up :slight_smile:

The SD card is already mentioned in the Navigator product page, and is listed in the contents of our electronics enclosure.

I’m thinking we could also add mention of it to this diagram in the assembly guide, and have raised it internally to sort that out and see whether there are other places we can think of :slight_smile:

I think mentioning it in the diagram would be a good thing. I actually expected the SD card to be mentioned under content for the RPi, not for the Navigator :slight_smile:

man. 27. mai 2024 kl. 04:10 skrev Eliot via Blue Robotics Community Forums <>:

Agreed :slight_smile:

We don’t have a product page for the RPi, because we don’t sell them without Navigators, and any guide content where a BlueOS SD card is required and doesn’t come pre-installed will already mention it (e.g. the Navigator retrofit guide, Navigator hardware setup guide, and general BlueOS installation instructions).

Happy to get it added anywhere else that seems relevant, but I’m not aware of any other Raspberry Pi content that might be missing it :slight_smile: