MT30 connectors for ESC

Has anyone used MT30 (or MR30) connectors inside the electronics tube to connect the cable from the thrusters?
Will an MT30 fit through the 10mm penetrator hole?
Would the MT30 carry enough current for a T200 or would MR60 be better?
I could put bullet connectors on the ends but that would require 3 time the labeling.
I am trying to make the electronics detachable as a unit. Note the change to 8 screwholes (6 used) for the rear bulkhead. I like the BluRobotics design of slotting the tray into the bulkheads.
As you can see I have made a new tray for a 400 mm tube so I can fit a 4S 10 AH battery. The design will use a 5 thruster design using the software from the CPS5 printed ROV.
The material is 1/8" unclad PCB sheet because I have it.
The shell will be firerglass but the ROV should work in this configuration for testing.