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My new ROV build, the ALON ROV

Hi guys,

Started to get some parts for my new ROV build.

Quick swap thrusters, 100% cobalt connectors, all electronics inside the base which is oil filled.

Thruster guards are 3D printed.




Real life looks better than 3D Model Renders…

Nice and Sweet.

Please send some more pictures to my personal email luis.chavez@24marine.com


Hi Etienne,
Can you please tell what’s your experience with the connectors holding the high current? Did you use the Cobalt 3pin connector to connect the battery to the camera housing?

Bluetrail sells a 4 pin battery cable on their website. Its rated for 40A. This is good for most cases. But if you intend using the ROV 100% for hours, then maybe not.

Everyone that uses them as provided good feedback so far.

My Alon ROV doesn’t use this cable since the power supply and electronics are all in the base.

Hi Etienne,
Thanks for your response. Yes, I talked with Bluetrail about it and they’ve told me the same so that’s what I’m going to do.
btw looks like you’re doing some real interesting products and projects, I will probably contact you in the near future regarding some of them.