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Quick Disconnect for Battery

(Johns) #1

We are planning to provide a quick disconnect for ROV power. We are using 18Ah bluerobotics battery. This is to provide an option for the swapping battery hull.

For tether disconnect, we are going with Seacon MC Series.
Any suggestions for underwater connectors for the battery cable?

Assuming we require per contact current of 50A or higher.
Some available options we are exploring are
Birns Heavy Duty Connectors (Eg.HDBH4M)
Subconn High Power Contacts (Eg.HPBH4M)
Seacon - couldn’t find one yet


(Rusty) #2

Hi Johns,

This is actually a really tough question. The battery cable has to carry substantial loads. At high power bursts that could be upwards of 100 amps. You’d need a massive connector to support that.

I would recommend searching for a something with a reasonable current rating per pin like 10-15 amps but get a connector with multiple pins, maybe 8, and use multiple pins for + and multiple for -. That will end up being fairly expensive, unfortunately.

I’m not very familiar with high power connectors so I can’t say much more than that.


(Johns) #3

Thanks @rjehangir