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Cobalt Connectors available in the UK

Hi Everyone,
Tangaroa consulting is now supplying Cobalt connectors and cables from Blue Trail Engineering in the UK.
The connectors are an excellent addition to the Blue Rov allowing easier connection / disconnection of items and helping to keep things water tight. The M10 thread is a direct fit to the Blue Robotics range of enclosure end caps.
Here are some pictures of the 18 Hole end cap fully populated.
Let me know if you require any further information.

All the best



Hi Paul,
I’m located in Australia and keen to hear more about these connectors. Have several questions and please I apologise in advance as I’m reasonably new to BR ROVs.
1/ Can I retrofit those connectors to current wires?
2/ How much for 18 male/remade ends and shipping to Australia?
3/ I’m guessing there are special tools for these?

Can you reply via - grant@wetmarine.com.au please.


Hi Grant,

Thanks for the message, I have responded in email.

All the best

Paul R

Hi Paul,
Can you please tell what connector have you used for the power cable (that goes to the battery housing) and did it hold the high current that it takes to operate the ROV?

Hi Oded,
Please find a link to the battery connector cable.
You will see in the specs that its rated for 40 Amps continuous current. You couldn’t go full gain, but its enough if you are not using the battery to full capacity.

All the best


Hi Paul,

Can you specify depth rating for the BlueROV battery cable connector set?

Thank you,


HI Mateov,

The depth rating is 600m. If you use the link, and look at the specification table, all the info you need will be on there.

All the best


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