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Cobalt Connector/new buoyancy/charging

Hello everyone

Now i made some changes on my Bluerov2 havy

1: I have replaced all Thruster Potted Penetrator to Cobalt Connector from bluetrailengineering and also on manipulator,Ping sonar and Light.

2: I was so tired of the screws on BlueROV2 fairing and buoyancy sow i made two new buoyancy with quick screws.

3: When I charge the batteries,i do not have to open the battery enclosure anymore.I use two batteries not in parallel,
instead i use two 100Amp relay to switch between battery 1 and 2. (had to install a new button on my hand control)


Great Job
I have been going to do the Same thing with my boyancy , i am curious where did you get the Thumb wheels for the Screws,? I assume they are stainless, and What size, Looks like you also have Inserts in the Foam to take the Screws am i correct?
Looks like you spent some time and effort doing it, Very professional.

I have made those Thumb wheels myself in my metal lathe, two of them its made of aluminum and the other two its plastic.

Inserts in the Foam,i have use stainless plate with 4mm threaded inside same for threaded bolt 4MM.

I have also made a collector box for water leakage,the intention was to use contacts from Amass on all wires but now i use Cobalt Connector on my bluerov2.
So i do not need that for all wires,only for battery cabel (Amass xt90 contacts)

If the Penetrator or battery cable is leaking the water will be in the water collector box and the Leak sensor will give alarm.

Also thought of making a cover on top so that the box had been completely closed.