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Mounting T200 into larger housing?

Has anyone mounted a complete T200 into a larger housing for added protection?

Thinking about mounting them inside a 4.5” ABS coupling for extra protection from beaching and reef strikes. I’m hoping the extra housing won’t affect motor performance since it is just slightly larger and longer than the T200’s housing. Thx.

I don’t think I’ve seen any examples of this before. We do have a few forum posts with 3d print and other diy covers to serve as intake covers to block leaves and rocks from entering the thruster.

On our vehicles, we mount the thrusters on the interior of the frame, or have some sort of bumper guard around the thruster. You can see that here:


You can probably do the same thing with a short section of your PVC, just make it shorter than the thruster, and put it over the thruster like a hula hoop. Then, it will not affect the performance, because it will not interfere with the flow of water.