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Mounting gripper on aluminum RAM mount?

(Joe) #1

Anyone gone down this road? I’m thinking it could be tricky to fit in the current location and ballast could get interesting. https://www.rammount.com/shop-all/powerboat/fishfinder-mounts?facets[water_preference][]=Salt%20Water&facets[environment][]=Rugged%20Use

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(Jacob) #2

@BoatSD What’s your angle/application?

(Joe) #3

Pretty much any angle I want depending on the task. I have not tested it yet in the water or trimmed the buoyancy. I’ll update how it works out. I’m using a 1” ball which holds really strong but a 1.5” ball would probably be even better. Curious to see how well it holds when wet. With the longer ram arm you get more articulation and a few more inches above the ROV.

(Jacob) #4

Ok, let us know how it works out!
Cool fairing!