Motors not arming after installing Heavy retrofit kit

Hey guys! Need some help here. I have 2 BlueROV2, one of them with the DVL-A50, and tried installing the Heavy retrofit kit on it. I followed the instructions, and everything works fine, including the motor test page. But, when i press the ARM button, the servo outputs on the SERVO_OUTPUT_RAW page goes to 0 (as shown below).

And when I press the DISARM, the ESCs make a sound and the SERVO_OUTPUT_RAW goes to 1500.

So, is there anything that I can try to fix it? As I need the DVL, I’m using the Ardusub Beta version (as described in the instructions), and companion 0.31.
Thank you

I fixed following the reset parameters tip on this page:

I’m using 4.1.0 beta (as I need DVL functionality), QGroundControl 4.2.3, and companion 0.0.31.

Waiting to go to the field to test DVL poshold.

Hi @fhmrocha, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Glad you managed to resolve the issue on your own - the advice in that thread is what I would have pointed you to anyway, so it’s good you were able to find it :slight_smile: