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Mostly 3d printed modular ROV

Hello everyone
We are Japanese high school students.I apologize if there are any mistakes in my English.
We designed and created ROV that can be used for various missions.
The necessary parts can be 3D printed.
Modular for easy mounting of various payloads.
What do you think of this design?
I want your opinion.
Thanks for any and all feedback!!


Looks really cool. I like the printability and modularity of the design. Has it been printed to date?

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Thank you.
Already printed and assembled.
Test diving in shallow places has also been successful.

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That looks fantastic!

It doesn’t look like there are any buoyancy modules - is retrieval done by controlling the thrusters to bring it back to the surface, or do you have a rope or strong tether you’re pulling it back up with?

Also, not sure if it’s just at a weird display angle, but it looks very front-heavy. Does it tilt down at the front very much during operation?

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Thank you.
Equipped with an additional buoyancy module when diving.
Since the front is heavy, a weight was attached to the back.

Excellent work. I really like your thruster placement. Are you controlling it with Ardusub/QGC?

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Thank you.
ROV is running a custom frame ardusub.
It is operated with QGC.

This looks really cool!

What material are those black tubes (not the electronics enclosures) and what material are you printing the parts with?


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Thank you very much.
The black pipe is CFRP.
Parts are printed with carbon fiber mixed polycarbonate.