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Another DIY, 3D Printed AUV design

Hi guys, if anyone is interested in 3D printed open source AUV platform / frame for DIY creation, here is my modest entry design for comments and/or suggestions (files download will hopefully follow soon :wink:

link: Amethyst AUV Platform

I am trying to create platform for electronics and software testing, for fun and education and further inventions. My intention is to create working AUV from cheapest components available on the market, to be accessible to everyone, even for school kids.

Thank you for any comments you will possibly bring in

Greetings from Prague, Europe

And thanks to Kevin and Blue Robotics for allowing me post this with link to my site. Even that I am a rookie on this forum. :wink:


@Anty Thanks for joining us here and sharing your project! I thought this was very cool and I wanted to applaud your efforts for working on an open-source 3D printable AUV for everyone to tinker with. Although there are many ROVs and unmanned boats out there, AUVs and AUVs hulls have been in short supply.

For everyone else who hasn’t seen the design:


Nice! Good luck with it and keep us updated!

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Thank you Kevin for kind words and help with picture. I am still not good marketer at all :)))