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Modified BR2 with 6 batteries

Fiber BR2 with 6 batteries, forward Ping360 sonar, aft Imagenex 881a profiling sonar, SeaView SVS-109 multiplexer with 8 serial channels, 2 ethernet ports, 3 SD video channels and 2 ttl channels.


Now that’s a clever bit of tech. Any specific use that it has been built 4?

Thanks I put it together to do pipe and tunnel inspections. The multiplexer is overkill, but it’s nice to have plenty of options.

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Pretty cool. Is this fiber only umbilical? Does it have any vertical thrusters?

Yes it’s fiber only and has two vertical thrusters.
I’ve been testing it with good results - over 40,000 mAh draws the batteries down about 1 volt. I think the batteries last longer because the load is shared between them all even with an hour of 40 amp draw and intermittent 100 amp draws.