Pipeline inspection

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to share our latest adventure with the BR2, pushing the limits of what we previously did (mostly biological surveys, coastal structures and vessel inspections). We went on a 400m long pipeline survey until 90m WD with the BR2 for a leak detection with a fluo tracer.

The ROV performed well, the biggest problem we had is that there were so many ghost ropes hanging around the pipeline that we got entangled a couple of times so we had to survey it in several sequences. @etienne, I will definitely need a rear camera of yours soon to anticipate better. Another control panel than the xbox remote would have helped also a lot for coordinate vertical and horizontal maneuvers.
The main limitation of the BR2 was the battery capacity as it discharged quite quickly facing the current and tether drag at such depths on a long distance and left not so much time to get clear of the hanging ropes for surfacing… Adding a weight to the tether to keep it below the vessel was quite risky with all the ropes.

We used the DELTA ROV OV-REC sofware for OSD of subsea ROV position, depth, heading, and dive info. That works great, thank you for that @etienne.

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Thanks Steven.

You need to upgrade your system with our usb joystick, fiber system and surface power.

It will really take your experience to the next level :slight_smile:


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