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Marine life inspection in the Philippines

I had one of the coolest job to evaluate marine life on offshore platforms with the BR2.

The client was really impressed with the ROV’s performances and the low cost / low logistics approach the BR2 setup allowed. Truck, plane, chopper and diving the same day.

The kit:

The setup from the platform:

Launching the ROV from the deck:

Launching the ROV from the FRC:

Just couldn’t help but smile:

Water so clear we could see the ROV 10m below:

The setup from a tug:

You can tell the ROV just wants to go in the water:

Here are some money shots:


Hi Etienne!

This is super cool! Those colors are so vivid! Do you know what kinds of fish those are?

Thanks for sharing! We’d love to share on our other socials if it’s alright with you :grin:


Thank you Elisa. Please share away.

Full disclosure, this is not the BR2 camera but my inspection camera mounted inside the battery housing.

That said the Lumen lights played their part.


Nice job :+1: Are you running your power module through this setup? If so what tether length were you using?


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Hi Richard,

Just running on battery and fiber optics for this one. I had a cargo limit due to accessing the site via chopper and I needed reach

The tether I brought is 450m long 6mm diameter. It took a serious beating (pinched, hooked, scrapping) and came out without a scratch. There was this one dive, the current was so strong after the dive 3 guys were pulling on it to recover the ROV.

The power module uses a 12mm diameter tether and for the same size spool I can only fit 200m. Hopefully next time I can bring it.


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There were so many species lol

Tilapia, Salmon, grouper, barracuda, angel etc.

I’ll post more later when I am done with my reports.


Thanks Etienne!

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Any idea what current speeds you were dealing with?

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great work!


Hi Doug,

The first few days there was practically no current.

Weather came up at the end and I must have had over 2-3 knots at surface but past 20m the current went the other way and practically nothing at 75m.

The ROV performed well once I got down but the battery would drain rapidly.

Dive time from 30-130 minutes.


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Congrats Etienne , thank you for sharing .


Hi @etienne,

if you don’t mind me asking, what’s the camera you are using?



This is a camera I sell. I haven’t had a chance to put it online yet but I can quote you if you are interested.


You will also need a software to record it. I suggest our Oceanvault - Recorder as it has the zoom control integrated.


No need for quote, I’m just curious since these pictures are amazing!
If we decide to upgrade we’ll drop you an email!