Pipe line inspection today

Pipe line inspection today, multiple actually. Ended up doing most of the work with a VideoRay, but did a 300 ft lateral run in a section of pipe with the Blue.


Nice! How did it go? Any issues with the ROV or things you would do differently next time?

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Rusty, the ROV did great, was unfortunate to have to remove and uninstall the profile sonar in order to gain access to the entry point, guess I would be more involved with the bidding process next time.

what tasks did you use the videoray for vs the bluerov2?

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Hey Jacob, the job was originally supposed to be all BlueROV2 with profiling head, but there was simply no way the Blue would have fit into certain areas even without the skid. So the VideoRay was used in the tight spots. Makes me want to build something similar to the Outland now though so that I can at least use the same control and tether with a smaller profile system.