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900 ft tunnel inspection

Successfully completed a 900 ft tunnel inspection on Steven Creek Outlet in the bay area in California. I used a Imagenex profiling head integrated into the BlueROV. Completed in an hour with a diver tending at the entrance. Only ran the system on 50% power, max water depth 90 feet, numerous 40 and 30 degree bends in the 50 inch pipe.


Awesome! Nice work, @cbussel!

Did you run into any particular challenges?

Looks interesting. Did you guys do a full profile of the tunnel ? Or did you stop every x ft to do a scan? Since it is a sonar that takes 1.3s to do a 360 scan. I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, I’m not familiar with tunnel profiles :slight_smile:

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No, did not complete a full profile, had to stop and do the scans along the way. Primary job was to insure the pipe was not out of round along the 900 feet to the butterfly valve at the end.