Addon for pipeline inspection



This is awesome.

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Idea is to make side inspection with 2 cameras. If your camera is 24fps maximum speed is air around 15 cm/s. If speed is above 15cm/s when you place pause in video, stills will be blurry. In water this maximim ROV speed is around 10cm/s.

So if you have 120fps camera your maximum speed is 120/24 = 5x faster.
Max speed is 10cm/s x 5 = 50 cm/s = 0.5m/s. At this speed you will see all details which are bigger than 2mm.

Are you doing some structure from motion/ point cloud reconstruction? Or are you just collecting high-detail imagery to find small cracks and defects?

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Jacob we will do both. For SFM reconstruction we need stills and for inspection we need video.
But cameras are here… when you combine all of this cameras with underwater gps data and Side imaging sonar you get enough data for nice report.

That is great idea, I like the camera booms. I would be tempted to put the cameras on upside down on the booms. so you can see if the pipe is in free span.


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Nice setup. I don’t recognize the cameras, wot flavor are they??

Yi 4k. :slight_smile:
Garmin virb360

This is fantastic, I totally love it!

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