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Network modification

Hi guys,

Just finished the BR2 network mod Ver3.0

It comes with network cables and dc-dc adjustable power supply.

Its very straight forward to install and will support the fathom-x and the Fiber mod.

Fits the water detect board underneath.

This is it installed in the rack

This is with the enclosure back on

It provides 3 additional ethernet connection for whatever you need. It also has 5 fused adjustable dc-dc power supplies and battery voltage outputs.



@etienne Very nice! I’ll be looking forward to seeing how your fiber mod goes!

Thanks Kevin.

This is the fiber mod installed on my network mod.

Just waiting for the FXTI to see how I’ll be setting it up on the surface.

I am also canvassing a tether with an SM fiber.

Specs say this will be able to work over 20KM…



Hey Etienne

If you change that SFP out for a BIDI module you wont need the second fibre for comms. You will be able to do both transmissions paths on a single fibre. I use a 1310/1550nm BiDi module on mine and it works great. You can also get cheaper lower power modules for transmission for 3km, they use less power and well whos going over 3km on class 2 ROV anyway?
Love how you made your own network -fibre converter. Looks nice mate, well done !

If your interested in which SFP module i used hit me up on PM.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the feedback.

This is bi directional SPF and use only one fiber with wave length of 1310/1550nm.

I could have went for 3km but wanted a bit more to compensate for loss over slipring.

I’m actually making my own system now. I hope to rival the likes of Falcon and Mohave at a fraction of the cost.


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Nice one buddy !!
I hope it all works out.

May i ask what model power modules your using there on your board?

Not sure.

They are unbranded from the local electronics store.

15W DC-DC power step down with adjustable output.

I set them to 5VDC and put a 1.5A pico fuse.

You can find these things and similar by searching for ‘buck converter’ on your favorite shopping site. For example, https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mini-DC-DC-Buck-Step-down-Converter-Adjustable-Power-Module-3-3V-3V-5V-9V-12V-3A/322659010647?hash=item4b1ff9c857:g:cmwAAOSwMQBaF4bz:rk:29:pf:0

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Yep looks exactly like this

Hey mate. Just as a thought exercise … you can get away with no Fibre slip ring at all. Especially if you plan to build a few then the additional cost of a fibre slip ring can really add up.
The Fusion ROV uses a fibre to ethernet converter inside its cable reel. So you only need an ethenet plus power slipring (or a ethernet only slipring if you dont need GigE speeds) on the reel itself. Its like 20% of the cost of a optical slip ring.

Just a thought mate is all.

Hi Mat,

It is a nice idea but the equipment is not working at gigabit speed and the conversion is surely to affect the bandwidth.


Hey mate

If your not using GigE speeds then its even simpler as you just use an ordinary slipring and utilise the extra pair for power, as at 10/100base speeds you only need the 2 pairs for full duplex. The converter uses hardly anything in power so the other 26awg pair would work fine.
And you have to convert on surface anyway so why not just do it before the slip ring instead of after? Makes zero difference to your bandwidth (if you use a real shielded ethernet slipring) and lowers costs quite a bit.

Very viable if your making many systems and need to keep costs down to ensure your system is competitive on the market, if your only making the one system you may not care i suppose.

It was just food for thought mate thats all.