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Fiber optic cable for BR2 control

For the option of controlling the BR2 from via fiber optic cable, the original media converter needs to be replaced (or connected through a switch) and an optical fiber/ethernet media converter must be installed.
The question is: Does it have to be a duplex or half-duplex or can it be a simplex? Anyone knows ?

It depends on your media converter, but generally one single-mode fiber (9um core, 125um cladding or 9/125) and a simplex media converter at each end that runs 1530nm/1310nm on the same fiber. One wavelength is for TX the other for RX. Generally the smaller converters will be LC connectors, but some will use ST or SC. Be careful to get good quality fiber if you will be doing any work with the system. Poorly designed tethers will snap the fiber quickly and even a top quality tether will not be as durable as copper. Expect to pay around $10/meter for a plain fiber and about $30/meter if it has power conductors and Vectran strength fibers included. Also plan to terminate the fiber yourself, as one careless drop on tug on the connector and it may have to be reterminated. https://www.cnet.com/products/black-box-compact-media-converter-1550-rx-1310-tx-fiber-media-converter/

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Thank you very much for a thorough explanation. And thank you for the link as well.