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Ethernet From Tether Reel

I am looking to put Fatom X or Fiber to Ethernet Converter in the BR2 Reel and run ethernet cable directly to computer.

The question I have is will the Standard 8 pin rotary union on the BR2 reel be suitable or do I need to get a higher end rotary slip ring made specifically for ethernet signals? If I need different slip ring does anyone have one they could recommend?

Hey Doug

You can run a converter in the reel, we tried this early in our Fibre conversion trials. This is exactly what the SRS Fusion ROV ( http://www.srsfusion.com/srs-fusion ) does for its fibre comms. If your wanting full Gbps speeds then you will need all 4 pairs for comms. If your happy to keep 100Mbps speeds you can pass power through 1 of the pairs.
We got ourselves an ethernet slip ring with an additional power pair made up but we never ended up using after trials as we decided to move to FO slipring instead to simplify the whole design. The cost of the FO slip ring wasnt that much more than the ethernet slip ring we had made. The one we had was overkill but it worked well with full shielding on the comms. We ended up not liking the converter in the reel, it was just not advantageous for anything other than cost… … www.senring.com will sort you out with what ever you need, they will make you something if they dont have a stock solution for you.


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