Modes Except Manual Doesn't Work Intended on Gazebo with SITL

Hello, I’m trying to simulate a BlueROV2 vehicle using SITL on Gazebo. I’m using Ubuntu 20.04 Virtual Machine on Windows 11, and running Gazebo 9. There are different responses when I change the flight modes.
As seen in this video, even though I give no inputs from my joystick, the vehicle behaves differently for each mode. Stabilize makes it turn around itself, depth hold mode makes it sink while also rotating and position hold is just unexplainable.
Also in this video, I control it with my joystick while in Manual Mode. Is it a normal response when I give forward inputs it also makes it go up? Similiar with lateral inputs.

How can I fix the problem about the modes? And if its fixed, which flight mode should I use to make the vehicle move while always being parallel to ground?

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