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Stabilize and depth-hold modes are not working with SITL properly

(ShehabAldeen Housein) #1


I am using SITL with ArduSub, the firmware boots in manual mode but before arming the vehicle I am initializing the rc channels to 1500 rc all 1500 so the ROV is stable after that, if I changed the mode to stabilize or depth-hold the ROV start to move randomly and rotate around itself.
I have mavros running with the SITL simulator the /mavros/rc/override and the /mavros/rc/in are having values of 1500 in all channels
but the /mavros/rc/out is changing randomly!!

(Jacob) #2

Version Version Version. When you are getting developer help or debugging with other developers, it is always important to mention the version of the software that you are working with.

I have no problems and cannot reproduce your issue on ArduSub STABLE v3.5.3:

MANUAL> rc all 1500
MANUAL> arm throttle
MANUAL> APM: Arming motors
Got MAVLink msg: COMMAND_ACK {command : 400, result : 0}
Arming checks disabled
mode stabilize
MANUAL> Got MAVLink msg: COMMAND_ACK {command : 11, result : 0}
mode alt_hold
STABILIZE> Got MAVLink msg: COMMAND_ACK {command : 11, result : 0}

(Patrick José Pereira) #3


I’m using the last version of ArduSub and mavros and everything is working fine here also.

#rostopic echo /mavros/rc/out
  seq: 198
    secs: 1533228095
    nsecs: 428080505
  frame_id: ''
channels: [1500, 1500, 1500, 1500, 1500, 1500, 0, 0]

(ShehabAldeen Housein) #4

I don’t what was the problem but after going to ‘Frame Setup’ and pressing ‘Load vehicle default parameters’ I got everything working fine

by the way, I have never changed any parameter

(ShehabAldeen Housein) #5

Thank you guys for your help everything is working fine now