MicroNav USBL GPS on a BR2

the checksum here is the *7A,
so you should paste GPRMC,153611.11,A,3557.61860,N,01422.33320,E,0.00,000.00,040121,
and it will show the whole NMEA sentence (with calculated checksum) at the bottom.

that was the checksum reply after hitting enter

Command: $
With checksum: $GPRMC,153611.11,A,3557.61860,N,01422.33320,E,0.00,000.00,040121,*11

These are my data output option formats on my micronav

I would like to thank the Blue Robotics team and the people on this forum for all their help and assistance in working towards and fixing my transponder position reading on the QGC, in the end it was resolved by Blue Robotics technician Willian Galvni who set up a remote access and fixed the problem.
Thanks you all and keep up the good BR products

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Nice you had a solution in the end!
What was the problem, for the knowledge base?

it turned out that it was a check sum issue , Willian managed sorted the program out , it was a problem with the Tritech genesis program

Willian contacted Tritech and they updated the program,

Reply from Tritech :
The coding in Genesis skips the first character in the checksum generation but the string being sent to the function has the $ already removed.

Thank you for making us aware of this and a fix has already been implemented. This fix will definitely be rolled out in V1.7 of Genesis