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Micron Scanning head Topside Connection


We are trying to interface a RS232 Micron Sonar through the Rasberry Pi to allow access to the data at the surface. I have both a RS232-USB converter and your BLUART available to interface to the USB on the PI, struggling with how to get the Data topside. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello, does the micron sonar application support connecting to a UDP network port?

Thanks for the reply. It appears to be set up for Serial Ports only. Is there a way to create a virtual port using the UDP connection?


@SMCJim According to page 49 of the Micron Hardware Manual, you can change the communications mode from RS232 to RS485. That way you won’t need to interface with the Pi and can just use a spare twisted wire pair for data and use the BLUART to connect at the surface.

Thanks for the response, this is what we ended up doing in the end. Really wanted to not use a tether pair solely for the Micron.