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Mavproxy script issues


Recently I wanted to devellop some script for controlling the ROV from the RPI. I have cloned the SD card and I was working on a copy, every thing was working perfectly the computer companion was able to launch my script and they were working perfectly but it was a bad quality sd card, she got corrupted. I redit the script on the original sd card but now they are working only when the ROV is connected to the surface computer.

I launch them with crontab or manually from the rpi with a keyboard, I see the process working on the process list (ps -ef) but nothing is hapenning when the ROV isn’t connected with the surface computer. I think the probleme is with the mavproxy port but I don’t know where I added
“–out udpout:localhost:9000
–out udp:localhost:9000”

On “”

And in my script I use "master = mavutil.mavlink_connection(‘udp:’).

For exemple when I try to lauch my script who make the light blinking ( while true with send manual input with the light_cycle) the lights didn’t blink when disconnected but when I reconnect to the surface computer QGC display a light level = 13%.

Someone have faced this problem?


I’m totally lost with that problem. The script keep working while connected to surface computer but when it’s not connected they don’t work


Check the example code and comments of Run pyMavlink on the companion computer.