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Mavproxy module disconnecting QGroundControl

(Seth) #1

I am currently working on making my BlueRov autonomous using a raspberry pi and mavproxy. When I upload modules that have autonomous control to the raspberry pi, they load with no errors. However mavproxy becomes unresponsive and after a few seconds I lose connection to QGroundControl and have to restart mavproxy. Simple example modules upload fine and run fine. The module that I want to use also used to work properly before adding one similar to it… What could be my error?


(Jacob) #2

Can you share your code?

(Seth) #3

I cannot share all of it but here is a snippet of the beginning:
The copy paste whitespace looks a little funny but it is correct. I have used the module properly in the past. However, when I ran sudo python setup.py build install --user as stated on mavproxy the module started having the previously stated issue. Do I need to be connected to the internet to run setup.py?

import sys
import numpy
import errno
from json import load
from pymavlink import mavutil, mavwp
from time import strftime, time
from collections import deque
from math import sqrt, pow
from os import system
from re import match, search, compile

from MAVProxy.modules.lib import mp_module
from MAVProxy.modules.lib import mp_util
from MAVProxy.modules.lib import mp_settings
from MAVProxy.modules import SerialReader

class autonomous(mp_module.MPModule):
def init(self, mpstate):
""“Initialise module”""
super(autonomous, self).init(mpstate, “autonomous”, “Autonomous navigation module”)
def init(mpstate):
’’‘initialise module’’'
return autonomous(mpstate)

(Jacob) #4

Do I need to be connected to the internet to run setup.py?


What could be my error?

It could be anything. Without seeing the code, we can’t determine the problem.