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M200 Isolation Problem

(Boris) #1


I was purchased two M200 thruster. After soldering and isolating the cables, i was tried to check the thruster for isolation in the water (using isolated tester) .

Unfortunately the tester showing zero ohm resistance.

What can be a reason for this issue?

Best Regards


(Rusty) #2


Can you share a picture of the soldering and sealing of the cables?


(Boris) #3


(Rusty) #4

Hi Boris,

Okay. That looks like it should be well sealed. Can you please try the insulation test again but lower the motor into the water slowly and watch for a change in resistance. You may be able to pinpoint the area with the issue that way.

If you can pinpoint a location I can offer recommendations to fix it or we can replace it.

Please let me know how that goes.



(Boris) #5

The tester shown zero ohm resistance when the thruster just touched water.


(Rusty) #6


Interesting - okay. That’s definitely not right. Please send us an email at info@bluerobotics.com and we can get this taken care of immediately.