Questions regarding M/T 200


I’m Gil, An Msc student designing a module for an ROV. I have a few questions regarding your products.

  1. Is the M200 water and pressure proof?
  2. Whats is the maximum Torque for the M200/T200? RPM vs torque chart?
  3. Can the T200 be mounted from its back - opposite to the propeller? the mounting bracket shown in your site is not suitable for my application.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi Gil,

Thanks for the post.

  1. Yes, the M200 is water and pressure proof. It’s a “flooded” brushless motor so water runs through it to lubricate it and keep it cool.

  2. We don’t have torque measurements from the thruster, unfortunately. The maximum theoretical torque is about 0.8 N-m at 16V. We haven’t had a chance to validate that empirically.

  3. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by mounting it from it’s back. You mean from the tailcone?


Hi Rusty, thanks for the quick response.

By mounting the M200 from the back, I mean from it’s tail cone.



Can you please elaborate on the M200 sealing mechanism? is it oil compensated? how how does the torque is being delivered? is it magnetically coupled? or the shaft is penetrating?





Hi Gil,

Our thrusters and motors do not have any sort of seals. They are a fully flooded design in which water flows throughout the motor while its running, and the individual parts of the motor are coated with waterproof compounds to electrically seal them from water and make them resistant to corrosion. This is possible thanks to their brushless outrunner design- there is no physical or electrical contact between the stator and rotor. This design with its lack of any cavities also means that pressure is not much of a concern. The propeller is directly attached to the rotor.

The T100 and T200 thruster do not have any sort of mounting mechanism on the tail cone, but you could definitely modify it to make this possible. The M100 and M200 motors mount with threaded holes in the bottom of their base.


Thanks! Adam

Hi All

I’m planning on purchasing two M200 motors for my project
And I just wanted to verify that the designed the designed Torque is at about 0.8 Nm as stated by rusty.
Looking back at the specifications page for hte M200 the stated Torque there is 0.5 Nm Which number is the correct one?

secondly do you plan on publishing RPM vs Torque charts for the M200 in the near future?

Thanks Gil!


Both of these M200 torque numbers are rough estimates, as we do not yet have the proper equipment to fully test this value. As Rusty said, about 0.8Nm is the maximum theoretical torque according to our calculations (@16V), but I would expect that around 0.5Nm might be a more accurate real world value. Due to the motor being sensorless, this value would not be attained from a standstill, but would rather be seen while the motor is already running.

We would like to take more accurate measurements and publish full RPM vs. torque charts for all our motors in the future once we have the opportunity to do so, but have no immediate plans.